Terms & Conditions

BricKKiln Skip Hire Limited - Terms & Conditions




  1. The Hire will commence from the time the Skip/Bin is delivered to the hirer until it is collected by Brickkiln.

  2. The Hirer is responsible for any road permits required and for direction/instruction as to where the Skip/Bin is to be placed.  No responsibility for any damage to driveway, walls or property when instructed/directed to place Skip/Bin at location.

  3. The Hirer is responsible for lighting/cones. (Available on request, any loss or damage will be charged accordingly).

  4. Skip/Bin will be collected 3/5 days after delivery (unless arranged otherwise).

  5. The Hirer will be responsible for and indemnify Brickkiln Skip Hire Ltd. against any and every expense/liability loss claim or proceedings in respect of death, personal injury or damage to property arising from the hire.

  6. Do not exceed height level or overload by weight the Skip/Bin to exceed G.V.W. of vehicle.  Overloaded Skips/Bins will not be collected until made safe.

  7. We reserve the right to remove Skip/Bin at any time without notice.

  8. The Hirer will be responsible to ensure that no toxic or hazardous waste is deposited in our equipment without prior knowledge and that all conditions under the Duty of Care Waste and Contaminated Land (N.I.) Order 1997 Code of Practice are fully complied to for example. tyres, oil, asbestos, fluorescent tubes, plasterboard, paint cans and batteries (note thise list is not exhaustive).

  9. Brickkiln Skip Hire Ltd. undertakes to dispose of waste to the holder of an appropriate license suitable to accept the waste in accordance with the Environmental Protection Regulations.

  10.  Brickkiln Skip Hire Ltd. confirms that we will fulfill our duty to apply the Waste Hierarchy as a priority order as required by regulation 17 of the Waste Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011 or confirms that we will have departed from the Waste Hierarchy priority order to achieve the best overall Environmaental Outcome due explanation provided by the Customer.

  11. No fires.  Any damage caused by fire will be charged to the Hirer in full.


If you have any question please contact the office on 02871 370 370
or email is at info@brickkiln.co