Recycling Services

BricKKiln are passionate about recycling & send materials worldwide for processing

BricKKiln have a number of outlets available to forward material such as Wood, Plastics, Cardboard, Paper, Metals, Plasterboard, Construction Material, Clothing, WEEE, Food and Green waste to secondary approved processors that meets our recycling targets and minimises our landfill dependence.

Recovered Materials leave our site regularly destined for the UK, Europe, China, India and the Irish Republic.

We recover from our collections as much as possible through our processes, however it is important that the customer helps by segregating at source as this ensures a better recylate for secondary recovery and reuse. This can be done in most cases easily with the addition of extra bins, containers or skips.

We are happy to advise on the best possible choice to meet your needs – simply contact us and we can arrange a site visit to discuss your options.

Mixed Dry Recycling Collection

Glass Recycling

Food Waste

Construction Waste


Waste Wood Recycling

Waste Clearance


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